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Psychology & Entrepreneurship

Unveiling the Psyche of Success - Explore the psychology behind entrepreneurial drive, risk-taking, and resilience that shape the path to business triumphs.

Psychology & the Community

Minds Uniting for Change - Delve into how collective psychology influences community engagement, empowerment, and the psychology of change-makers.

Psychology & Human Rights

Minds Against Injustice - Examine the psychological impacts of human rights violations, advocacy, and the resilience of individuals in the face of adversity.

Psychology & Climate Justice

The Green Mindset Revolution - Discover the cognitive shifts and motivations underlying climate action, sustainable behaviors, and the psychology driving environmental activism.

Psychology & Religion - Spirituality

Exploring the Sacred Psyche - Journey through the psychological dimensions of faith, belief systems, and the profound ways spirituality shapes our sense of purpose and well-being.

Psychology & Personal Development

Unleash Your Inner Potential - Navigate the intricacies of self-discovery, motivation, and psychological strategies that foster personal growth, resilience, and meaningful life changes.

General Psychology

Embark on a voyage into the depths of human behavior and cognition. From understanding the mind's intricacies to unraveling the mysteries of emotions, our General Psychology category offers insights that enrich self-awareness and interpersonal dynamics.

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Taming Cognitive Dissonance and Thriving in 2024
Navigating the resolution conundrum

Confession time! Did 2023 resolutions evaporate quicker than champagne bubbles? Did the “new you” get lost in the shuffle of life’s laundry and deadlines? As the fireworks faded and the calendar was about to flip to 2024, did a familiar pang hit you? That echo of resolutions scribbled in excitement, now juxtaposed with the inertia of, well, reality? Yeah, me too. You’re not alone. Dive into the full blog for practical tips on how to deal with the cognitive dissonance of resolutions, building sustainable habits, finding your “why,” and cheering on the imperfect you. Come 2024, let’s chase sunrises, not sunsets.

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Exploring the Impact of Territoriality on Community Resistance in the Face of Relocations

In the intricate interplay between development and human rights, governance and the human spirit, the question of territoriality emerges as a powerful force, shaping community resistance against relocations. This article explores the profound impact of territorial displacement on communities, drawing insights from historical events and contemporary struggles, with a focus on the ongoing case of the Gwayi – Shangani dam in Binga, Zimbabwe, which stands as a stark illustration of the complexities surrounding forced relocations.

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The Missing Numbers: Unveiling the Psychological Trauma of the Israel-Gaza War
Image showing Israel-Hamas-War-1000-Bodies-Buried-In-Gaza

In the midst of conflict, statistics often dominate the headlines, portraying a stark numerical picture of lives lost, casualties incurred, and buildings destroyed. However, what these numbers often fail to capture is the profound psychological trauma that lingers long after the dust settles. In this blog post, I delve into the Israel-Gaza conflict and the missing numbers that represent the untold stories of psychological suffering.

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